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I was shocked and dismayed when I read in a recent Chronicle of the irresponsible behavior of the legislators at the recent Republican caucus gathering. Disregarding the clear request from the public health department to meet virtually or wear masks and socially distance. Instead wearing masks on chins, shaking hands or group hugs were observed. Flaunting that you are the victors.

Once you get elected, isn’t it your responsibility to care for the good of all your constituents?

What message are Republicans giving to our doctors, nurses, health care workers and emergency personnel who are risking their lives to take care of those infected with the most devastating lethal disease they have ever dealt with? They are exhausted, under tremendous stress caring for people who are terribly sick or dying and feeling helpless that they can’t do more. What message are you giving these heroes by not doing everything in your power to stop the spread of this deadly disease?

Why did covid have to become a political issue? I hoped that we could have united against a common enemy for the health of everyone. Common ground has been hard to find, but couldn’t we all agree that we all want to survive covid and get on with our lives? If a foreign country attacked us, wouldn’t we fight together to protect our country?

Aren’t you tired of all this divisiveness? We are all Americans. We all love our country.

Let’s unite against this common threat and do all we can together to get through this horrible pandemic. Let’s find our common humanity.

Taking “personal responsibility” is choosing whether to risk your own life, but what if it increases the risk to others?

Republican legislators, you need to set an example, because what you do will impact at least 100,000 people.

Sandy Appleby 


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