There is a lot of information available right now that establishes how much and in what ways Russia is trying to destabilize our democracy. Google "Report of the Select Committee on Intelligence, Volume 1, Russian Efforts against Election Infrastructure. You might also want to check out last week’s testimony by Fiona Hill, former White House Russia expert.

Despite irrefutable proof that Russia, and not the Ukraine, is involved in attacking our most basic democratic processes, Republicans, like our own Rep. Greg Gianforte, who recently referred to the investigation into Russian interference and the impeachment Hearings as a "sham process" would have us believe that it is the Ukrainians and not the Russians who are attacking us. A fantasy that supports the president's simple-minded and completely false justification for trying to coerce a false narrative from the Ukraine which could potentially damage one of the president's political rivals.

Why would Rep. Gianforte support such an obvious lie that benefits Russia while damaging the U.S.? After giving it some thought I've been able to come up with three possible reasons that might explain his behavior.

1. He is a Russian agent working to destabilize the U.S.

2. He simply doesn't understand what he's doing.

3. He's a political hack who blindly obeys his political masters in Washington, D.C., regardless of the damage it does our nation.

Of course we'd like to ask him, but he's apparently afraid to meet publicly with us.

And now Mr. Gianforte is asking us to support him as he runs for governor of Montana. I would respond to Mr. Gianforte's request for support in a way he is sure to understand, "Nyet, Comrade Gianforte, nyet."

Guy Crawford