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In TV ads Greg Gianforte maintains that he created 500 high-paying tech jobs in Bozeman and will continue to add Montana jobs as governor. It is true that his company RightNow Technology did employ a number of local workers. However, he sold that company to Oracle in 2012.

What jobs has Gianforte created in Montana for the last eight years? How many of those original RightNow jobs still exist at Oracle? It is currently listing its Bozeman property for sale. When Oracle moves out of Bozeman the jobs that Gianforte continues to take credit for will not exist.

There is no doubt that Gianforte has made a lot of money since he moved to Montana from New Jersey in 1985. His wealth allowed him in 2017 to replace Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke as Montana's only at-large congressman and he won re-election in 2018 by supporting an extreme conservative agenda that even included rejecting retirement because Noah worked when 600 years old.

Since retirement is not biblically sanctioned, Gianforte will not need to create any more jobs as governor than he has for the last eight years: none.

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Joan Hoff

Big Sky