Getting a college degree is becoming more and more expensive. Yet as a young person, being competitive in today’s job market requires that one has at least a bachelor’s degree. Student debt is already crippling the younger generation.

Currently Montana students pay 60 percent of their tuition out of their own pockets. This is double what the generation ahead of them paid. Without the renewal of the 6-mil levy, tuition costs could raise by an additional 17 percent. Pat Flowers supports the 6-mil levy, unlike his opponent Jedediah Hinkle who voted no on the third reading of the bill.

The mil levy is a 70-year voter approved tradition that shows how much Montanans value our education system. The 6-mil levy is not a tax increase and the money from it is used only for operations that are directly related to the educational mission of the school. We know that being close in proximity to quality universities helps attract and retain professionals which keeps our communities thriving. I strongly urge you to vote for Pat Flowers for Senate, District 32 where he will stand up for education.

Kate Dolan