I am supporting Pat Flowers for Senate District 32 as I know Pat’s dedication to preserving access to public lands will allow for my continued enjoyment of what I call my “Montana moments.”

Montana moments is the term my friends and family use in describing our special outdoor experiences. These Montana moments were formative aspects of my youth and adulthood, developing my values and love of this valley. Not all my Montana moments were without challenges - think inclement weather, forgotten snacks, or encounters with the state’s abundant wildlife. Yet, one thing all my Montana moments have in common is that they all take place on our public lands.

The protection of and access to public lands is one of the most important priorities for me as a Montana voter and is an issue that is top of mind as we look toward the upcoming November elections. Pat is a man I’ve known most of my life as both a family friend and a now retired, dedicated regional supervisor for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. I know if elected, Pat will work hard to preserve access to public lands and ensure my friends, family and I have many Montana moments to come.

Emma Stein