Gallatin County voters are charged with hiring some less political and very important professional positions to serve us in the Gallatin County Courthouse and the Montana Supreme Court.

The office of clerk and recorder runs our local elections and manages important paperwork. Candidate Eric Semerad has more than 28 years’ experience in that office.

Treasurer candidate Jennifer Blossom will use her 15 years of experience as auditor to increase courthouse efficiency and continue to protect our tax dollars.

Auditor candidate Erin Cox will vigorously comb our courthouse records for accuracy to detect errors and fraud. Her degree, training, and two years in the auditor's office will serve us well.

Candidate for clerk of the Supreme Court Rex Renk has served all Montanans as deputy clerk of that institution for 23 years, doing his job to the letter of the law.

In each case, comparing these candidates to their opponents will show an experienced, approachable public servant competing with a political operative with little-to-no experience in their hopeful job. I urge you to elect these professionals, as we the citizens cannot afford mistakes or unnecessary politics in our local courthouse and state supreme court.

Kelly Kortum