The most special ecosystem and the fastest growing micropolitan area in the country deserve thoughtful policies and solutions to the challenges of growth. Mark Egge, candidate for Bozeman City Commission, is the thoughtful, humble, practical leader we need right now.

Mark understands the most pressing issues facing our community and will advocate for affordable housing choices, better biking and transit and conservation leadership. He flies in the face of what we expect from political candidates these days. He’s more interested in common sense solutions than empty promises to win elections. He uses data and research to inform his opinions and shape his policy suggestions (check them out on his website!). He knows that Bozeman is not unique in our challenges and looks at other growing communities to develop practical solutions that we can implement now.

You’ll see him on the trails. He won the Ridge Run, skis laps at the M Trail and ran from Main Street to Mammoth. Mark loves this community and has endless optimism for its future. Mark’s varied experiences as a business owner, transportation data analyst, avid outdoor recreationist, MSU grad, planning board member, parking commission member, and community volunteer have prepared him to lead and serve.

I believe that Mark would add a necessary skillset to our city commission that would complement our current leadership. I encourage you to learn about his policy suggestions and priorities on his website. I've enjoyed hearing Mark's vision for a more sustainable, affordable, and compact city. With thoughtful planning, strong leadership, and an eye to the future, we can protect the things that make this place great as it grows.

EJ Porth