As Bozemanites, we pride ourselves in the wild beauty that defines this special place. Mark Egge is a solid candidate for Bozeman City Commission that will prioritize environmental action to protect the mountain town we love.

Mark will accomplish this by moving Bozeman toward 100% renewable energy (Missoula and Boise have already adopted the challenge), reducing sprawl into our cherished agricultural lands through a “focus inward” growth policy, and protecting our waterways.

But why would anybody give a hoot about carbon neutrality and stream health in Bozeman if you can’t even afford to live here? Mark recognizes that affordable housing is our most pressing challenge in Bozeman and his top priority as city commissioner will be to ensure that those who live here can afford to stay here. Finally, Mark will focus on building better bike routes and public transportation solutions to reduce the bumper-to-bumper traffic that has become part of our daily lives.

I urge you to join me in supporting Egge for City Commission this November because Bozeman needs rapid action on both the housing and transportation issues that impact us today and the conservation issues that will plague us tomorrow if they aren't given immediate attention.

Justin Barth