Bozeman is an incredible place to call home. One of my favorite aspects is the amount of open space, and the general ease of access to trails. One of my least favorite aspects is the current housing situation. It is becoming very difficult, if not impossible, for the average household to be able to afford to buy a house in Bozeman. It concerns me that the very people that keep this city running (educators, firefighters, ski patrollers, etc.) are unable to afford to live here.

I agree with Mark Egge that Bozeman needs more attainable housing, better transportation options and has a responsibility to conserve the environment in which we live. Mark's policies for each of these topics are rooted in practical examples of success in other cities. For example, Durango, Colo., easing rules for accessory dwelling units to help meet their housing needs. Vancouver has doubled its share of people biking to work to 12% in just five years by building "All Ages and Abilities" bike routes, thus reducing traffic congestion.

We can learn from the successes and failings of other cities, and as a city commissioner, Mark will help us to do so.

Eric Berry