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I write to express my strong support for the election of Mark Egge for Bozeman City Commission.

There is no time like summer to remind us of all the splendors and challenges Bozeman faces – downtown retailers and restaurants are packed with locals and tourists alike; trails are filled with users of every stripe; and we get to marvel at and participate in those popular civic attractions which enhance our quality of life, from the farmer’s market to Music on Main to art walks, festivals, and more. It’s this quality of life that accounts for the cranes in our skyline, increased traffic, and the ever-growing cost of living associated with our rapidly growing city.

For these reasons – for the Bozeman I love now, and for the Bozeman I want to help plan for in the future – I know Mark Egge will be a tremendous city commissioner. Mark is primarily focused on, and has viable policy solutions for, addressing our affordable housing challenges, a more efficient transit system and infrastructure, and the conservation of and connection between our cherished open spaces. Given his current service on the Bozeman City Planning Board and as a Parking Commissioner, Mark is already helping create policies to maintain Bozeman’s quality of life as we grow.

November may feel a long way off, but as you walk around town this summer, and visit your favorite trails and mountains, and share your commute with tourists, locals and the next cohort of MSU students, keep in mind that we should all be part of the discussion in planning for Bozeman’s future. This discussion begins with our local elected officials. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Mark Egge for city commission this November.

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David Weinstein