The election is upon us, and I hope you’ll join me in voting for Mark Egge for Bozeman City Commission.

As a data scientist, Mark will offer data-based solutions, not Pollyannaish or dubious rhetoric, to the decision-making process for our city. Functionally, he will bring much-needed transportation acumen and experience to the commission, a role traditionally served by outgoing Commissioner Krauss. Importantly, Mark has mounted his campaign on candor, transparency, and civility, as he knows these qualities are commensurate with the diverse fabric of Bozeman’s denizens and are every bit as essential to Bozeman as our rich history, natural resources and love for the outdoors.

Mark and I have shared many hours mountain biking, skiing, running and backpacking, and I can attest that his intelligence, remarkably, is matched only by his generosity and concern for others. Mark will serve Bozeman well as he believes in its people and assets, and views all of this wonderful town’s challenges through a heartening and refreshing lens of opportunity.

Research the candidates presented to us thoroughly and be discerning with your vote. I believe that you’ll find that Mark Egge is the best candidate for Bozeman City Commission.

David Weinstein