I attended a recent city candidate forum sponsored by Forward Montana. While all three city commission candidates are young and clearly passionate about serving, one candidate stood out as exceptional: Mark Egge.

Mark brings to the table experience that our city needs right now. As a transportation planner, he has worked with many cities that, like Bozeman, are struggling to maintain a livable, walkable city in the face of growth. He can articulate fresh, forward-thinking ideas about what has worked in other places.

I've gotten to know Mark through the Northeast Neighborhood Association. Mark walks the talk. He volunteers for the neighborhood as well as serving on the planning and parking commissions. He lives in a tiny house. He bikes or walks everywhere. He cares deeply about the environment. He appreciates the unique character of our neighborhoods and the need to preserve that character. He’s a great listener. He’s a co-operator. He’s a participant.

I encourage your vote for Mark as our next city commissioner.

Amy Kelley Hoitsma