I’m writing my first letter to the editor to advocate for Mark Egge for city commissioner. I met Mark a couple of years ago and am impressed with his thoughtfulness and energy, especially regarding transportation.

Mark knows that about a third of people in our community don’t drive – because they are too young, can’t afford a car, are unable to drive or choose not to drive. He knows that high housing costs have led people to live further from school and work, resulting in higher transportation costs. He understands our transportation system needs to work for everyone – whether they are on foot, biking, riding a Streamline bus or driving.

He has given this a lot of thought, as is apparent at EggeForBozeman.com where you can read about his vision for coordinated transportation planning, a network of low stress (and low cost) bike routes, improved pedestrian safety and investment in Streamline.

Mark serves on the City Planning Board and Parking Commission. For a knowledgeable leader with a passion to help Bozeman become a more equitable place, choose Mark Egge as our next city commissioner.

Rebecca Gleason