Bozeman City Commission candidate Mark Egge’s commitment to affordability in Bozeman is suspect and duplicitous. His close, personal relationship with Andy Holloran is disturbing. As a low-wage restaurant worker myself that’s struggling to find an affordable room to rent, I am deeply suspicious of Mark’s purported commitment to affordability.

He overstates his experience when he calls himself “a transportation planner and engineer” merely because he is a volunteer on the Bozeman Planning Board and Parking Commission. His service is noble, but it’s false advertising. His background is in corporate consulting and data science.

He was the only member of the Parking Commission (4-1 vote) to try and grant Hollaran access to 78 spaces in the downtown-parking garage for Holloran’s luxury hotel development. He is an outsider, who has demonstrated favor for Holloran, and it’s quite clear Holloran doesn’t care about our community. He only cares about profit.

Mark has remained silent on the clearing of Bozeman trailer parks and the destruction of affordable rentals. He has supported Hollaran’s luxury high rise condos.

Unfortunately, Mark is active in displacing affordable housing for Bozeman citizens. He doesn’t comprehend the value that we longtime residents add to our community. As he would have it, in five years we will all have to vacate and Bozeman will be full of wealthy snowbirds, tourist rentals, and big technology employees.

The fact that anyone would argue in support of Mark because he will “conserve” Bozeman is truly laughable since he enjoys working with Andy Holloran, the one man that doesn’t care about the future of Bozeman. Perhaps they are perfect for each other and can ruin Bozeman together.

Jennifer Sutton