I’m writing in support of Mark Egge for Bozeman City Commission.

Mark and I first met while serving in the Montana Conservation Corps on a trail crew together more than a decade ago. I’ve always felt strongly that if you love something than you have a responsibility to care for it. I felt that way about public lands, community and Montana as a whole. Upon meeting Mark in the MCC, I found a friend that shared those same ideals. We gained an appreciation for the value of hard work, service to our community and the meaningfulness of citizen engagement.

In the years since, Mark has built a set of skills that, in combination with his genuine desire to serve the community, will be a true benefit to the city of Bozeman moving forward.

Mark is a deeply engaged member of our community and practices what he preaches. He serves diligently on the City Planning Board with a focus on making Bozeman more bike-friendly, more sustainable and more affordable. He spends his time volunteering and engaging in community projects and his passion for mountain adventure includes a first-place finish in the Bridger Ridge Run.

As city commissioner, Mark can implement his thoughtful plans for ways to improve the affordable housing shortage, increase wages, further develop the network of bike routes and trails and enhance Bozeman’s connectivity to open spaces. He also has ideas on how to intelligently and responsibly deal with our rapid growth that includes focusing growth inward and incentivizing low impact development. Please join in me in supporting Mark Egge for city commission this November and learn more about him at eggeforbozeman.com.

Mark Genito