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I write to strongly support the election of Mark Egge for Bozeman City Commission.

This election cycle is particularly critical for Bozeman’s future. It is important that we elect a city commissioner with the following characteristics:

1. Their sole agenda is to sincerely and decisively represent our amalgamated interests: a) protecting our communities from dissolving by keeping housing affordable; and, b) upholding Bozeman’s excellent quality of life through smart transportation and zoning planning.

2. They possess experience working with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), which Bozeman is likely to gain after the 2020 election, and which will have significant impacts for regional transportation planning and funding.

3. They carry a clear understanding of the powers Bozeman’s City Commission does and does not have, while cultivating healthy relationships with interfacing branches of local government.

In my assessment, Mark Egge stands out as the most informed and qualified candidate per these measures, by far. I will speak to the third point; the others are well-explained through Mark’s campaign website.

As I understand it, implementing a “tourist tax,” popular as it may be, is outside the powers granted to our city commission. The authority to exercise such is held by the state Legislature. Bills to enable local sales tax have been put forward in the state Legislature in 15 of the last 18 legislative sessions; none have passed. Mark understands this history and context; his campaign is founded on realistic agenda per the powers of our city commission.

If you want an exactingly qualified and informed city commissioner, I urge you to join me in voting for Mark Egge this fall.

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David Ayala