I'm writing in support of Mark Egge for Bozeman City Commission.

Early last week, I went for a run on town trails with Mark. We are both early career professionals that care about the long-term welfare of the area. As we covered ground, we discussed common concerns. Namely, affordable housing, thoughtful transit solutions and greater conservation leadership.

To help bridge the gap between housing costs and what people can afford, Mark believes that the city must adopt a living wage standard for its employees and contractors, and promote the wage across the city. Furthermore, Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) must become easier to build, and therefore become a larger part of our city’s housing portfolio.

I’ve lived and commuted within a number of urban environments over the years. Bozeman’s biking routes and transit service ranks poorly. Mark has expertise in this arena, and has made better biking and transit a pillar of his platform.

As a conservation champion, Mark would lead efforts to focus growth inward, incentivize low impact development, move the city towards 100% renewable energy, and collaborate with Gallatin County leadership to reduce sprawl and conserve open space.

On a related note, I’d encourage you to air up your bike tires and ride with Mark on Sept. 8 or 15 to learn about building a more bikable Bozeman. You can find the event details and learn more about Mark’s vision for Bozeman at fb.me/egge4bzn.

David Laufenberg