With all of the growth occurring in Bozeman, and spilling out elsewhere in our county, this is the time to elect Mark Egge as our next city commissioner. This is because in planning for our growth, we need to determine how and where to grow, so we have minimal impact on our transportation system and other infrastructure. In Mark’s work as a transportation planner, he uses data to help communities achieve their goals, while providing safe and reliable mobility.

Mark understands that separating schools, retail/commercial and residential areas means that people are more likely to drive between locations. He knows that when people don't have safe and convenient options other than driving, even those who would prefer not to drive end up contributing to traffic congestion on our roads, costing us all more money and time. Further, Mark understands that we need to have affordable housing in Bozeman, so people don’t have to live in Three Forks, Manhattan or Livingston to have affordable housing, but an unaffordable commute to work in Bozeman.

In short, as our community continues to grow, we need someone with the experience in understanding how all of the various components work together to either make a great community stay great, or end up with a community that people say used to be great. Let’s help secure the future of Bozeman by electing Mark Egge as our next city commissioner.

David Kack