I first met Mark Egge at a city commission meeting where he grabbed the attention of the city commissioners at open comments time. Seemingly spell bound, they attentively took copious notes as Mark made suggestions on not only what would improve the transportation in our city, but gave them creative funding suggestions.

Impressed, I passed him a note asking to have coffee with him and soon sat down with him for an amazing meeting. He was an agreeable sort of fellow and soon had my head swimming with ideas on affordable housing and growth, biking and walking improvements, and needed climate action. And wow – not only did he have great ideas – he was a great listener!

Since that first meeting, Mark has always answered emails within hours and often sends me helpful links to information on the causes that I am interested in. If he sees an issue that needs to be solved, he researches it and reaches out to the appropriate people. He listens to others thoughts and often maps out the available data and information, suggestions and possible conclusions. After listening, he is willing to change his mind if good evidence is presented.

One look at his linked in resume will show you how he has played in the big leagues and led large teams to grow a variety of business revenue. He is a highly successful business man, manager and data scientist. And try taking a look at his photographs on his blog! He is a major outdoors man and first place winner of the 2018 Bridger Ridge Run. I don’t think that I have known anyone smarter, more gracious, more gifting of his time, or a better listener.

Let’s "hear" it for Mark Egge and elect him as a commissioner.

Marilee Brown