I read your recent opinion piece regarding e-bikes and in general disagree with all of your premises. I am a handicapped older person who recently bought an e-bike. This allows me to ride a bike as I used to do and still get home if I become fatigued. Your reference to wildlife makes no sense as these bikes travel no faster than a typical mountain bike on similar terrain with a healthy rider. The reference to snowmobiles also is not relevant as these bikes run quietly, they will not go anywhere a normal mountain bike won’t go and they do not pollute the air. The fact is, that this is a benign proposal that can be enacted with a few qualifiers such as a handicapped tag or a Medicare card.

I do not bike the challenging trails and really just do bike trails around the valley for a bit of exercise and relaxation. However, these bikes should not be banned from trails that certain individuals such as myself could not ride otherwise.

Jim Hall