I agree with Pete Oakander in his June 1 letter, “Parking runs counter to affordable housing,” that developers don’t want to provide parking for their projects but the reason they don’t is because of zoning changes city commission made in 2015.

Developers parking requirements downtown were drastically cut; projects that weren’t feasible now are without having to provide parking. That has turned Bozeman’s historic downtown neighborhoods into parking lots for developers, which is contrary to Bozeman zoning regulations that state residential areas shall be managed for residential uses.

Don’t be surprised when taxpayers are asked to pay for new downtown parking garage. Meanwhile taxes have increased every year and will take a big jump next year. What one city commissioner called “serial tax increases.” Now a new tax is proposed by mayor and city commissioners because they have allowed a nearly $7 million shortfall to parks and trails to occur. Dispels myth that development will ever pay for itself. If this is not your vision of Bozeman please remember when it comes time to vote.

David Lamer