If you haven’t already guessed, those ads telling you Initiative I-185 is terrible are funded by the tobacco industry, the same folks who lied to us for decades about the addictiveness and health risk posed by cigarettes.

The ads lie again and again. I-185 does not create a mandate for the state to fund Medicaid expansion, rather it helps pay the cost of Medicaid. It also provides benefits to veterans, children and rural hospitals.

Tobacco related health problems are costing Montana taxpayers more than $81 million/year. I-185 will help offset that cost. It only raises taxes on the cost of tobacco products, something the ads slyly fail to mention. It is not a tax on all Montanans.

History has proven that the tobacco lobby cares little about your health or taxes. It cares only about its profits. Need further proof? I-185 is opposed by the tobacco industry. It’s supported by the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the Montana Hospital Association. Opponents favor big tobacco. Supporters favor Montanans.

Don’t fall for the tobacco industry lies. They have more money to spend than those supporting I-185 but that doesn’t make them right. Vote yes on I-185.

Swep Davis