There’s George Washington. There’s Abraham Lincoln. And there’s Donald Trump. For such a time as this, America has rarely, if ever, seen a greater president. Of course, you’d never know it by reading this newspaper or its opinion page. You’d never know it by reading the big national press.

And you sure as heck wouldn’t know it by watching the big televised news. So, why do hard-working, tax-paying Americans love this guy? Why does our military love him? Why do the cops and others who put their lives on the line love him?

The reason why millions of Americans love Donald Trump is because they know how disgustingly dishonest and biased the media is. They know how disingenuous they are when they claim to love their country and want to do everything they can to help it. But above all, they know that the Democrat lot of them all have a radical leftist, anti-American agenda.

Americans love an underdog. Moreover, they hate bullies that pile on. They know who the cowards and hypocrites are. And they know their political affiliation starts with a capital D.

Americans know that Obama and Kerry sold us out to the Iranian Ayatollah. They know that Hillary sold out Benghazi and was the genius behind the current wave of death and suffering in the Middle East. And they know that the architect of today’s worldwide terrorism was Jimmy Carter. What do they all have in common? They all have that capital D after their name.

Presidential hopeful Julian Castro (D) thinks, as all the Democrat hopefuls think, that Americans are fools. Like themselves. He encapsulated their collective lunacy in his statement (June 16) that the southern border is "as secure as it ever has been."

Americans know, Donald Trump is the man of the hour.

Peter Arnone