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In August 2005 hurricane Katrina hit our Gulf Coast. A major storm causing terrible loss of life and property. The lying hypocrites pretending to be journalist gave the Democrat governor of Louisiana a pass. The Democrat mayor and Democrat city council of New Orleans also received a pass. They received federal funding to prepare for these emergencies. Somehow, their lack of preparation and misuse of funds was the Republican president's fault. Sound familiar.

The top seven states with covid cases and eight states with covid deaths are all governed by Democrats, but according to CNN, MSNBC, etc. etc. etc., everything is the Republican president's fault. COVID-19 started in China, they did not contain it, so that’s also Trump's fault. The DNC media drones on.

The Democrat leadership wants the shutdown to last and the economy to tank. They hope you will suffer, blame Trump, and vote for Biden.

While staying home eating ice cream, Pelosi has lots of time to pack the stimulus bills with her pet pork barrel projects that have nothing to do with the restarting the economy. Stimulus checks for illegals, really!

Joe Biden has no policies of his own, if elected he will try and reinstate Obama’s oppressive economic policies. Obama has tried to take credit for Trumps pre-pandemic economy (a blatant falsehood) and if elected Biden will tank our economy indefinitely. Guess who he will blame.

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Tony Fisher