Sorry, but I can’t resist commenting on the Schiff show. Trump, aware of Ukraine’s history of corruption and knowing that Hunter Biden was paid millions to sit on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, exerted pressure on their president to look into it. Even though it was something that we should want any president to do, politics raised its ugly head and the Dems demanded impeachment!

So where was Schiff when the Democrats did everything in their power to dig up dirt on Trump, sought foreign actors including the Russians to help them, contributed to the writing of a ridiculous bogus dossier, and lied to the FISA court to spy on members of Trump’s team? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

The Democratic Party is on the verge of collapse due to pathetic leaders who’ve accomplished nothing and who waste our money and time trying to destroy Trump rather than working for the American people. Oh, I forgot, 44 Democrat legislators are sponsoring “The New Way Forward Act.” Under it illegals who have committed criminal acts and who have been deported from our country would be invited back and we’ll pay for their plane tickets! Every time I think that the Democratic Party can’t sink any lower or become more despicable, they prove me wrong!

I pity local Dems who write letters to the Chronicle because they too have nothing to offer. Instead of being able to relate good ideas, share positive accomplishments, or point out the leadership abilities of their candidates, they sink into the sewer of spewing hate for a president who’d they’ be praising for all his accomplishments if only he were a Democrat!

Dan Klusmann