It was such a revealing moment to watch the Democrats display their hatred for President Trump (their main occupation these days). To watch an unwilling and inept Mueller on display. His testimony sometimes conflicting with his own report. Quite a smart move on his part to disqualify any questions concerning wrongdoing by himself and his staff of Trump haters. 

How will he hide surrounding facts if he is subpoenaed before a grand jury? How will he stop questions about who financed the unverified Steele dossier? How did he proceed using unverified documents to obtain warrants? Someone needs to go to prison and it's not Donald Trump.

Facts matter little to these Democrats, they hate Trump so much “he must have done something"! I believe the haters on his staff insisted "does not exonerate" be in the report. Anything he did in his own defense the haters have labeled obstruction.

Watch our "media" friends (CNN, MSNBC) key in on Trump being prosecuted when he leaves office, and conveniently forget Mueller retracting that statement later.

In their arrogance and self righteousness the Democrats claim to be the big tent party, embracing all people and cultures. Disagree with them and watch the labels come out (deplorable), and sadly the hatred.

Tony Fisher