Such an interesting position our Democrat friends find themselves in. Historically, incumbent presidents with a good economy have an excellent chance to remain in office. Democrats have realized this so they amp up the drum beat for impeachment. If you can't win at the ballot box, impeach.

Then, we have speaker Pelosi's call for imprisoning the president without substantive charges, history’s worst dictators imprisoned their political rivals. It seems innocent until proven guilty only applies to Democrats.

The last election left the Democrat's polling strategy in shambles. Possibly, they now realize polls taken in down town San Francisco, Chicago and New York may not represent the entire nation. Remember, the predicted Clinton landslide?

The next election cycle will bring the same old ploys by the DNC. We will be incessantly bombarded with supposed unanswered questions from the Mueller investigation. Innuendo not facts will rule their hyperbole. I wonder how hypocrisy, hatred, outrage and temper tantrums will serve them in 2020? Could be a catchy slogan, we are the HHOTT party.

One Democrat presidential candidate has ask us, what is wrong with living under socialism? As the old Soviet Socialist Union was breaking up, I recall a socialist workers statement: "They pretended to pay us, and we pretended to work".

Trump's re-election rallies are crowded standing-room only events, and the "media" will try and convince you his support is waning. The outrages behavior of Democrats has steeled support for this president. I suggest to our Democrat friends, continue to believe the "media." They have such a great track record, or move to Venezuela and enjoy socialism firsthand.

Tony Fisher