If you wonder why the Democrats are so interested in harboring as many illegal aliens as possible in the U.S., there is, and should be, serious doubt that humanitarianism is their primary reason.

Truth number one, get as many illegals as possible into the country.

Truth two, give them as much as is possible, making them dependent on government subsidies. Anyone who watched the Democrat debate knows this to be true. Only an ideologue could "deny” what the Democrat candidates said.

Truth three, secure them the right to vote. In their gratitude, they will ensure a Democrat dominated government permanently. If that does not concern you, maybe you are in "denial?"

Remember, California refuses to ask citizen status on census forms, sending three congressional seats to Washington on behalf of illegals. Abolishing the Electoral College would mean California and New York rule the entire nation. Jon Tester votes with them over 90 percent of the time and claims to represent Montana values. Ask him about illegals or abolishing cows and watch him waffle. Political speak is all you will hear from him.

Any possible negative results after they have achieved this goal, will be totally ignored and "denied" by Democrats and their cronies pretending to be "journalists."

I believe the Mexican drug cartels would love an open border. Imagine how their business would boom.

During the Carter presidency, Castro emptied his jails and launched them to Florida. Only a Democrat operating in severe naïveté would "deny" this possibility. What Central American country would not consider this?

A basic law of physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Once again, facts matter little to Democrats.

Tony Fisher