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Sen. Daines, I find your TV campaign ads for bringing jobs back to America very disingenuous. I worked at RightNow Technologies as a project manager/consultant. I lead several projects with outsourced developers, at times requiring conference calls with customer and developers. It was common practice to outsource development.

At one point I was asked not to have outsourced developers on calls with our U.S. customers; instead I was to have a U.S. lead developer on the call. I was told communication would be easier and we did not want some U.S. clients to know we were outsourcing work. This practice went on while you and Mr. Gianforte were its leaders.

I guess the practice of outsourcing jobs is ok if it has a positive impact on your bottom line as you are positioning your company for sale. RightNow was sold to Oracle and you and Mr. Gianforte profited greatly.

When you're running a campaign for Senate re-election and you want to bring jobs back to Americans then outsourcing is not OK.

I call that hypocrisy.

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Steve Gonzalez