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For Steve Daines to claim, and take, no responsibility for the insurrection in Washington on Wednesday is beyond the pale.

He is directly responsible. He went all in with his political fortunes and lost. He, with no proof and a plethora of legal challenges over ruled, challenged the very foundations of our Democracy. He has disgraced our country, our Constitution and the state of Montana. Only after seeing his political future in grave jeopardy did he attempt to change course.

The damage was already done. We have endured 4 years of lies, and unconstitutional behavior by this administration and Daines was one of its biggest cheerleaders. He needs to resign from the Senate immediately.

His political career is over. He will be even more ineffectual in Washington now then he was for the last 6 years. This administration started with the embarrassment of Ryan Zinke and ends with the even greater damage by Steve Daines and Matt Rosendale. The state of Montana is better than these individuals. Maybe Steve and Matt can hop on Zinke’s horse and take the ride of shame out of Washington.

The actions on Wednesday will be Daines and Rosendales political legacy. They are truly a disgrace to the Great State of Montana.

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Brian Kenney