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It strains credulity that Steve Daines continues to stand behind Trump after the insurrection at the Capitol, but it really shouldn't.

Daines has proudly joined in with the misinformation and magical thinking that has led us to this moment. He’s helped push the notion that a guy who lost the 2016 popular vote by almost 3 million votes, who’s never cracked a 50% approval rating, and who horribly botched his job of keeping Americans safe from a pandemic, was a shoo-in to win again. Where’s the logic in that?

If Steve really believes that, he should be removed from office before he hurts himself or others, because that just isn’t smart. If he doesn’t believe that, then his actions have all been just cynical, opportunistic maneuvering to stay in power.

Daines has been okay with whatever Trump says or does, no matter how disgusting, immoral, or illegal.

Daines doesn’t have a problem with the call Trump made to the Georgia Secretary of State trying to get him to illegally tamper with their election results. Does Steve even believe that we should still have free elections? The recent evidence says he does not.

And now it seems Daines' top priority is to restore Trump's Twitter account.  Apparently, Steve doesn't understand the difference between government censorship and the prerogative of a private company.  How about a slice of gay wedding cake, Steve?

Steve Daines has proven to us that he does not deserve to represent us. Daines is a stain, a stain on the State of Montana and all of its people. Daines needs to go.

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Gil Stober