We are not being represented by Daines and Gianforte! A recent question of the week in the Bozeman Chronicle asked, “Do you approve of the U.S House of Representatives conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Trump”? The overwhelming response, 73.5% yes to 25.4% no.

Every time I write both of them I get a response to the effect that they are supporting Trump regardless of his unethical, amoral, corrupt, lying ways! It is pretty apparent from this survey and their response that they only care about Trump and their own welfare and not that of our country! In particular, they have not endorsed or supported the legal action being taken by our House of Representatives to investigate wrong doing of the executive branch of government!

Will they ever support the Constitution and rule of law over the lawlessness and corruption of the Trump administration? Trump claimed he was going to drain the swamp. From most of the actions and players Trump has hired and endorsed, the swamp has and is only growing bigger under his presidency! Perhaps Danes and Gianforte are also part of the Trump swamp!

I believe both Daines and Gianforte have had ample opportunities to show where they stand on this issue and many others! It is time to hold them accountable, and if necessary, vote to replace them with someone who will represent us and stand for our country’s welfare and not personal gain for themselves, Trump and the rest of Trump’s cronies!

Jerry C. Bauer