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I’ve never been more disappointed or angered in our political system than I was when I learned that one of my sitting senators, representing the state of Montana, decided to participate in an effort to challenge the will of the American people. The fact that you’re undermining this nation’s democracy by challenging the electoral process borders on sedition.

Please don’t use the ploy that you are only doing so to protect our democracy against the illegalities of voter fraud. There is no ideology here. There is no moral compass, strictly partisanship. If what you say were true, why doesn’t the Senate hold hearings when there are actual cases and evidence of voting fraud? Or why doesn’t the Senate seriously look into voter suppression, an act which seems to occur during every election? Do those things, but don’t hold an election, where the will of the American people have clearly spoken, hostage.

No, you are doing this simply because you are trying to ingratiate yourself, not to the American people, not to a country, not even to a party, but to one man, Donald Trump. This in and of itself is un-American and unconstitutional. This is an act to overthrow the will of an American election. For that sir, you cannot be commended.

You are trying to bring the United States of America under the subjugation of one man. You need to either reverse course or step down from your position as Senator. You are supposed to represent the entirety of the citizens of Montana, whether they voted for you or not. In this effort, you have demonstrably failed.

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Clint Nagel