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It's been a while ago but Greg Gianforte is on tape advocating for a sales tax as "the ideal solution.".= He also quipped that the best tax is one you have to pay and he doesn't. Gianforte would like us to forget those things, and while they were a few years ago there is no reason to think his sentiments have changed. Lt. Gov. Mile Cooney has proposed legislation insuring there will not be a sales tax on Montanans. Why hasn't Gianforte promised the same?

Cooney might not be a multi-millionaire, but he has a long history of fighting for things that matter to Montanans: better wages and jobs, affordable health care, access to public lands, keeping dark money out of our politics.

Gianforte has not championed any of these policies. He's either remained silent or has actively worked and voted against them while in Congress. These things matter. It matters who serves as Montana's governor and it matters what they stand for.

I've seen enough and the records show enough to convince me that Cooney is the only candidate who will put us Montanans first on these and other important issues. He will be a governor we can be proud of.

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Susan Nichols Roughton