Using wild animals in circuses and other traveling shows is very inhumane. Trainers use violent methods to force animals to perform confusing and physically grueling tricks on command.

Animals are subjected to prolonged confinement as they are hauled from city to city in poorly ventilated trucks and trailers. They are denied basic needs, such as exercise and access to clean cages, food, water and veterinary care.

When you attend a circus you support this treatment and way of training. Peoples’ enthusiasm for circuses has been dwindling for years and many circuses are responding by choosing to modify their shows, while others, including Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, are simply closing due to declining ticket sales, which is great but should not be allowed in our amazing area.

Animals deserve better than this and it’s not fair to for them to life this awful life for an hour of entertainment. It’s an important time to voice our opinions and stand up for what’s right.

We urge the Gallatin County to pass an ordinance ending the use of wild animal acts. It is high time to end these outdated acts once and for all. Please contact the Gallatin County commissioners to express your concerns and ask them to ban the circus from Gallatin County. Gallatin County commissioners (406) 582-3000 or

Amanda Cooper