Mr. Monforton, can you see the little people from the ivory castle you reside in? You object to the Bozeman School District enforcing inclusion and diversity on its school-sanctioned clubs.

Your column states, “We’re right and they’re wrong.” Is that a legal opinion or a moral one? If it’s legal, then sue the school district and present your factual case. If it’s moral, then please climb down off of your moral perch and stop railing against a changing demographic.

You also state, “We were here first.” If that were even an acceptable legal or moral defense, then you should be defending Native American rights before moralizing against anyone. Did your great-great-great-great grandfather apply that reasoning when forcing the Native Americans off of their land and into reservations? Or does the “we were here first” argument not apply to fifth generation Montanans? Before you decry the Seattlization of Bozeman, maybe you should remember the Europanization of the West.

Ben Thomas