UPOM’s Chuck Denowh manipulated facts to support appointment of BLM Director William Perry Pendley, an attorney previously arguing on behalf of oil and gas extraction from the Badger-Two Medicine area of Montana and from other public lands. Pendley has written, “The federal government should follow the Constitution and sell its western lands.”

As BLM director he won’t sell those lands, but when congressional delegations from Utah and elsewhere again are proposing legislation to dispose of federal public lands, he will be in full support as a federal bureau director.

Mr. Denowh points to Pendley’s support of agriculture and resource extraction in Montana, but fails to acknowledge the growing and likely strongest sector of Montana’s economy … tourism, including outdoor recreation and appreciation of undeveloped federal public lands.

Denowh also jumps to link criticism of the American Prairie Reserve (APR) in expressing the paranoia of “an enormous free-roaming bison herd in central Montana.”

As someone who has long monitored the “free-roaming bison herds” on the Flying D and the Snowcrest ranches, I characterize Denowh’s paranoia as unfounded. Ironically, driving up the Ruby Valley recently, it was noted that the “free-roaming bison herd” was calmly grazing within huge fenced pasture, while the neighboring black angus cattle were out grazing the barrow pit, free-roaming along the busy road.

APR’s pastures are also fenced to contain the “free-roaming bison herd,” which, much like the herds of southwestern Montana, doesn’t have a history of rampant destruction of neighbors’ crops, let alone the feared “rape” of the neighboring Angus cows by bison bulls, escaping to pillage and destroy!

Mr. Denowh should stick to better-informed, less-distorted opinions of value regarding private property rights.

Dick Shockley

Gallatin Gateway