I was disappointed that the Sunday, April 28, newspaper had no in-depth coverage of what I considered a big story from the 2019 Montana legislative session.

The Senate leadership (our own Scott Sales) tried to hold Medicaid expansion hostage for legislation that was a corporate bailout bill. The bill would have sold Colstrip coal mining facilities to Montana energy monopoly Northwestern Energy without oversight by the Public Service Commission. They and their stockholders could then "stick it to the ratepayers" ( us) and pass on the costs of cleanup of the toxic mining waste. The Butte Democrats were in bed with the special interests to the end and it was only with the help of moderate Republicans that this bill finally died on the last morning of the session.

Montana politics was on full display as the sponsors tried again and again to jam versions of the bill onto anything they could. It was a deregulation bill that rivaled the politics of the days of the Butte Copper Kings. NW Energy refuses to believe in renewable energy or that fossil fuels are not the future. Montana has more wind and solar energy than most places in the world. Even Germany is shutting down all their coal fired power plants.

Joan Montagne