I would like to submit this response to Dr. Weltzien’s letter in the June 4 paper addressing coal pollution. How many coal plants are there here in our country? Fifteen?

How many are operating in China? Like maybe 2,300 with plans to build another 1,000 or more. How about India? They have almost 600 and plan to build another 400 or more. Even the Philippines have 19 with plans for more. What effect will shutting down our 15 have on the big picture of coal pollution? Why not let the industry continue to clean itself up with new technology rather than put it out of business while the rest of the planet continues to pollute.

I agree with his statement that our world can’t afford coal pollution (or more pollution of any kind for that matter) but our 15 plants account for a very tiny percentage of the planet’s coal pollution. In just eight of the larger countries, there are presently over 3,700 coal plants with plans to construct almost 1,900 more. Write your letter to publications in those countries. That’s where the change is needed.

Donnie McFadden