OK, let’s “Drill down on the city’s future” with Chris Mehl’s new clones on the commission.

Every vacant lot in town will be rezoned RO resulting in four-story apartment/offices in every R1 residential neighborhood. Property taxes will continue to skyrocket because the commission refuses to raise impact fees on new construction – newcomers should pay for their impact on our systems. (My taxes just went up so my tenants will pay now $100 more/month. So much for affordable housing.)

Greedy developers will continue to be awarded carte blanche to do anything they want – anywhere - repeating the same uninspired ugly building over and over again. Mobile home residents will continue to be evicted to make way for expensive luxury apartments.

Public commission hearings will continue meaningless spectacles because the decision favoring the developer was made weeks before - behind closed doors.

Since we can’t squeeze any more precipitation out of the clouds where will the water come from? “Nothing shall get in the way of development.” A few will get rich, with the myopic support of the commission, while the rest of us suffer. Traffic and parking will get worse - except for "The Developer" who gets cut-rate parking spaces, at taxpayer’s expense, in Bozeman’s downtown parking garage.

The last drop of charm Bozeman had will be wrung out, we will be living in mini-LA, and the complicit clone commission will be ecstatic.

No, we need two new commissioners who will stop Bozeman becoming LA, stand up to greedy developers, builders associations, business associations, and adopt a rational path forward that actually includes residents who care about preserving the heritage that is now all but destroyed. NO MORE UGLY CRAPPY HIGH-RISES!

Commissioner Mehl, try as you might, you can’t turn a decade of Commission’s lemons into lemonade.

Richard Brown