I just finished reading the New York Times best seller, “The Uninhabitable Earth – Life After Warming,” by David Wallace-Wells. It is quite a book, containing a compelling summary of what is causing climate change and what our future will bring.

It contains an extensive, almost overwhelming, listing of research which has led virtually all climate scientists to predict a dire future for our planet if we don’t act quickly to reverse the trend. Even as a retired scientist, though, who has done some research in the causes of climate change, it was a tough read, with the use of many vocabulary terms that were not familiar to me and example after example of factors contributing to climate change and what might be a potential solution to reverse effects of each factor.

Major topics included: heat death, hunger, drowning, wildfire, unnatural disasters, fresh water drain, dying oceans, unbreathable air, plagues resulting from warming, economic collapse, and increased climate conflicts.

Although there have been many measurable effects of climate change during the last several decades, the harmful effects will increase exponentially after about 2050 and by the end of the century will likely be out of human control. It is of interest to note that the Trump administration has just announced that EPA scientists will not be permitted to publish climate change predictions that go beyond the year 2040. Very clever of them!

Although less than 300 pages in length, it is similar in tough content to the Mueller report. Like the Mueller report, it will not be read by most of our political representatives, and their irresponsible and terribly erroneous conclusions regarding climate change will only make matters worse.  

Frank Tainter