Recently I called the city of Bozeman regarding lack of stop signs at four-way intersections in particular neighborhoods. I asked what was being done to address the safety issues in these neighborhoods and was told "nothing."

A technician explained to me that four-way unprotected intersections are common throughout the country and everyone is familiar with the law that governs these intersections. I have lived and traveled to cities throughout this country and have never experienced this lack of stop signs before.

When we stated visiting Bozeman eight years ago I had no idea unprotected intersections existed. I assumed there were stop signs on the intersecting streets I was passing through. I was shocked to find out there was no protection. I know as Bozeman continues its rapid growth many people from out of state are moving here and ignorant of the law regarding unprotected intersections.

Even if people do know the law they are ignoring it as evidenced by so many vehicles blasting through intersections in both directions.

My daughter and family live in Valley Unit subdivision off of Ferguson and Durston. Their house is on a corner and all day long I see people blasting through these intersections in both directions. My grandson was in a car that was broadsided at one of these intersections. Luckily he was not injured just very frightened.

There are many children in this neighborhood who ride bikes and walk on the sidewalks. It only takes seconds for them to ride their bikes or run into the street. Will it take a serious accident or fatality before something is done. In new neighborhoods there are stop signs. Shouldn't the old neighborhoods be offered the same safety measures?

Come on, city of Bozeman, do something before it is too late.

Maryanne Morris