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During the fierce and unpredictable winds of politics and a treacherous economy, I look for a calmer and steadier breeze to “sail” by. I have learned to look for a trustworthy breeze coming from the direction of good moral values, blowing worry-free toward where my goals and dreams can be realized. I have found a calm-steady “breeze” to be Randy Chamberlin, who is running for Montana HD64.

As a Montana business owner during the fierce winds of the 2008 to about 2013 downturn, I found out firsthand the value of morals-based calm and trustworthy leadership. My business partner and co-owner was Randy Chamberlin, who brought those qualities to the table each day and got our company and especially our employees and their families through those fierce times.

If you are a business owner, or an employee of a business of any size in House District 64, trust me when I say you can rely on Randy Chamberlin to represent you and your goals and dreams well with calm, trustworthy leadership in the unpredictable winds of Montana’s near future. Please vote for Randy.

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Kevin Brownlee