As a small-but-fast-growing city, Bozeman stands poised between falling victim to growth or rising to exemplify how a city can grow while maintaining its quality of life. I believe Bozeman possesses both the opportunity and the inventiveness required to grow into an even better place to call home, which is why I’m running for Bozeman City Commission.

I have a vision for Bozeman that avoids sprawl, is an affordable place to live, and protects the natural environment. I have a plan and the necessary experience to advance this vision. As a professional planner, I help government agencies make complex trade-offs using data. Through my experience on the City Planning Board and Parking Commission I’ve advocated for a better future while learning the inner workings of the city and building relationships with city leadership and staff.

If privileged to serve as your city commissioner, I’ll bring new ideas to the table based on what’s working in other communities and work to identify common-ground solutions that reflect the community’s values. My top priority is ensuring that those who live here can afford to stay here. My second priority is building a transportation system that works for everyone and limits congestion. Finally, I intend to work every day to conserve and enhance Bozeman’s natural environment and surrounding open spaces.

Together, we can build a better Bozeman. Last year, I won the Bridger Ridge Run—not by virtue of being a great runner, but by having a vision and clear plan, by the consistent application of effort, and with the amazing support and input from members of this community along the way.

I encourage you to visit my website——to learn more about my vision for Bozeman’s future, the policies that can get us there, and how you can play a part.

Mark Egge