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I support Colette Campbell, candidate to represent the people of HD67, Belgrade area, in the Montana Legislature. Colette is a teacher, has worked with at-risk children and is an avid defender of working-class Montanans.

Colette’s opponent is Jedidiah Hinkle who lost his bid for re-election in the 2018 run for Senate District 32 and has now hopped over to run for the Legislature in HD67. He has no meaningful history with HD67, and I am sure, if elected, plans to represent only those who agree with his self-serving politics. While in the Legislature, Mr. Hinkle cast some pretty outrageous votes against common-sense proposals such as protection of child trafficking, suicide prevention programs and Medicaid expansion. The latter enables thousands of Montanans to have health insurance and enables rural hospitals to stay in business.

Colette understands the importance of a living wage, a strong public education system, affordable health care and a vibrant agriculture industry. She will listen to and represent everyone in HD67. She understands the challenges of her district and is down to earth with tons of common sense. 

Support Local Journalism

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Karen Rickert