Emergencies. We kind of know what they are in our households. If it involves a ride to the ER and bandages it qualifies. By the same measure we don’t hang “decorative” fire extinguishers in our houses. When we need one only to find out it’s there ‘cause it “looks cute” -- well you get the picture.

As a nation we’re currently being asked to accept a campaign promise for a wall along our border with Mexico as a national emergency. One we were told Mexico would pay for. Secure borders are essential. We get this. Yet the manner in which this plan of dubious worth is being foisted off on us, the tax paying citizens of the United States, is a textbook example of executive overreach.

Sen. Steve Daines, one of Trump’s faithful, is selling the wall on the fear of methamphetamine infiltrating our communities. Meth is a scourge no question. It destroys families and rips the fabric communities are woven from. Trump’s wall is not the most efficient nor effective way stop illegal drugs. If fiscal responsibility is still relevant to the GOP, there are other, less expensive ways, to interdict this problem. Drugs predominantly come through ports of entry. The billions Trump is asking for is better spent on dogs and dog handlers (our best bang for the buck), improved scanning technology and increased personnel at the border.

If fiscal restraint and understanding the complexities of a serious issue speak to the reason Sen. Daines chose to run for office, a vote against the emergency declaration is the right thing to do.

Our nation will face a major national or international emergency sooner or later. Trump’s campaign promise of “Build the Wall” is neither one of them.

Conrad Anker