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Gov. Steve Bullock put the well-being of Montanans ahead of politics by locking down the state this spring and mandating masks this summer. In his directive, he recognized how “Montanans answered the call to mask up – a call that came from our hospitals, nurses, and doctors, our vibrant small business community, our frontline workers, and our high-risk neighbors.” This was not only was the right thing to do; it took courage and demonstrated leadership. Gov. Bullock listened to public health experts, made the call and notably gave the public credit for answering it.

I can’t imagine Steve Daines showing such leadership. Can you? Daines has voted directly against the interests of Montanans, seeking to privatize public lands and shrink public health care during an historic health crisis. As for masks? Daines’ June 29 interview with Fox News’ Cavuto reveals his timid thinking: “The president will decide what he wants to do, and each of us has to.” Shameful leadership all around.

The COVID virus has been a nightmare, but it shows us why true courage and leadership matter and what the stakes of this next election are. Vote for courage and leadership. Vote for Bullock.

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Peter Schweppe