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As a conservation voter and a retired national park ranger, I follow the voting records of candidates, and write them on important issues. Sen. Steve Daines has a lifetime conservation voting record of 5%. His responses to me on climate change have been laced with denial and deflection, disregarding decades of increasingly dire warnings from the world’s scientists. As we mourn the death of one black man, we must recognize that people of color are also more likely than others to die of air pollution, which annually kills 110,000 in the U.S.; seven million worldwide. 

Daines’s opponent for the Senate, Steve Bullock, has his head on straight. He is a strong advocate for Montana’s public lands and addressing climate change. As a net metering participant, I am grateful that, during his two terms as governor, Bullock has helped quadruple the amount of installed solar capacity, increased tax incentives for renewable energy and carbon capture, increased energy efficiency at schools, and held polluters accountable. A central focus of his time in public office has been getting rid of the corrupting influence of big money in politics in order to address climate change, among other issues. I’ll vote for Steve Bullock.

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Norman A. Bishop