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I don’t personally know Dr. Jami Chisdak, but I am disappointed that she supports Daines in a TV ad and says Bullock would be responsible for closing hospitals and would work to establish government care at cost of $30 trillion.

Actually, when running for president he said he would improve ACA (Affordable Care Act) at the margins along with a public option. We all know that, working with the Republican Legislature, Bullock got Medicaid for over 90,000 Montanans. There are roughly 160 towns in Montana under 1,000 people, over 70% elderly.

In 2018 nine counties were without a physician, and their hospitals and nursing homes are dependent on Medicare-Medicaid for survival.

Daines spouts caring for pre-existing conditions (133 million people), yet has voted to dismantle ACA—not perfect but covers 20 million citizens and includes pre-existing conditions -- and offers no good alternative. He is tied to Trump’s hip all the way (Trump, besides failing the nation on the coronavirus pandemic, wants to destroy a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body).

Comprehensive insurance programs are not affordable for most American families. A system like EU countries would be less costly than current American medical care.

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Jerrold E. Johnson, MD