Mark Egge stands out as a candidate for city commission in his genuine approach and actionable platform.

He facilitates community conversations to find compromises we can agree on in order to protect and foster the things that are truly important. Mark finds common-ground solutions based on the desires and needs of our community and what's working in other cities.

Mark is focused on the ABCs: Attainable housing choices, Better bike routes and bus services and Conservation leadership. Mark has the skills and ideas to help build a sustainable transportation system that improves livability and decreases emissions. As a member of the city planning board, Mark is helping craft a growth plan that avoids sprawl, maintains open space, and increases the availability of affordable housing.

Unlike other candidates, Mark's proposed policies are changes that city commission can make right now without changing state law. If elected, Mark will be taking action from day one—rather than waiting on the next state legislative session in 2021. 

Jenna Fallaw